About ViddyMation

toon text animation imageViddyMation is a video animation brand of Targeted Lead Systems, a company dedicated to bringing Fortune 100 marketing concepts to the smaller business. Company President Leon Williams said “I have always been enamored by the story of David and Goliath. Providing the Sling and pebble to slay the giant (Fortune 100 Corporations) is part of our mission.

With the flood of marketing designed to overload consumer senses employed by Fortune 100 companies, small businesses find it impossible to compete for customers from a cost stand point.

The cost of creating video animations for use in video marketing for the small business can be overwhelming, easily eclipsing their budgets for marketing.

Introducing… ViddyMation, a collection of handcrafted Adobe After Effect templates that have been created to significantly bring down the cost of producing eye popping video animations.

A company working on a video project can select an animation, have a finished product back within hours. Normally it might take days and 10x as much or more to produce the same animation.

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